Switzerland have suffered an outbreak of ‘severe’ vomiting and diarrhoea that has forced eight players and 11 of the support staff into isolation two days before their next Euro 2022 game.

Swiss medics are unsure at this moment what has caused the outbreak but are taking precautions to ensure it does not spread to affect further players and staff.

Monday’s training session was cancelled amid the outbreak, with a Group C fixture against Sweden due to take place in Sheffield on Wednesday evening.

The affected players are Eseosa Aigbogun, Svenja Folmli, Seraina Friedli, Rahel Kiwic, Lara Marti, Sandrine Mauron, Julia Stierli and Riola Xhemaili.

Only Aigbogun and Kiwic actually started the first Swiss game against Portugal at the weekend, although Marti and Mauron both appeared from the bench. Eight players accounts for more than a third of the total 23-player squad.

Under UEFA rules, the Sweden game will still go ahead as long as Switzerland have a minimum of 13 available players, including at least one goalkeeper, which is the case as things stand.

“The cause of the gastrointestinal problems cannot be conclusively clarified from the current situation,” said team doctor Dr. Martin Schober.

“The symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea are severe, but so far mostly brief. Some of them had only mild symptoms or no symptoms as early as [Monday] morning.

“If everyone is symptom-free [on Tuesday], we can travel to Sheffield as planned. Otherwise, further investigations are required.”

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