Milan midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko was stopped by officers and held at gunpoint earlier this month in what police have described as “a misunderstanding”.

The Frenchman was halted by armed officers on July 3 and video footage showed him being searched.

The club officially have refused to comment on the matter, but did confirm that it was the 27-year-old captured on video.

A statement from Milan Police released to the outlet CNN on Monday confirmed that they had stopped the wrong man, while stressing their actions were legal and that Bakayoko had not sought to take any action.

“With reference to the video released today, related to a police check carried out against the Milan player Tiemoue Bakayoko, we underline that the check — occurred during an operation whose context justified the adoption of the highest security measures, also for self-protection purposes — was carried out in a manner that was absolutely consistent with the situation of danger,” a police statement said.

“Once the person was identified and his being unrelated to the facts had been clarified, the police duties resumed regularly, without any kind of complaint on behalf of the person involved.

“It was a misunderstanding, but colleagues behaved correctly.”

Bakayoko is beginning the second year of a two-season loan spell at San Siro from Chelsea.

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