If the multiple reports over the last 24 hours are correct, Chelsea are closing in on a deal to sign Jules Kounde from Sevilla. Whilst I am going to refrain from celebrating just yet, with Barcelona still hovering around in the background, it does seem like this is one that could/should get done now.

If Chelsea manage to get this one over the line, it will be the biggest show of intent from a Chelsea ownership for a long time. Roman Abramovich did it enough times in the past, but I think basing on who we have already signed this summer, and who we might sign after Kounde arrives, if he does arrive, then this summer could be the biggest statement window at Chelsea for some time.

The new owners are really announcing themselves on to the scene. In the last couple of weeks we have already signed Raheem Sterling and Kalidou Koulibaly, who are statement signings alone, but add Kounde to that mix, as well as others who might arrive, and we are having a right party in London this summer that’s for sure.

We have always been told the new owners wanted to come in and make a big splash with their first transfer window, and it looks like they are trying to do just that. But it isn’t just throwing money around either, these are all good players who are really going to improve the squad and upgrade on what we already have. Certainly an exciting time to be a Blue right now!

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