Ben Affleck has been making headlines of late after marrying Jennifer Lopez.

But he isn’t only known for being J-Lo‘s love interest or for his acting, but Affleck is also known to be a great lover of cars and his collection is impressive.

We’ve taken a look at all of the cars in his collection, valued at over 1.2 million dollars.

316,000 dollar Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Affleck‘s most expensive car, the Mulsanne Speed lives up to its name as it accelerates all the way up to 190mph.

That’s thanks to a 6.75-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, with Affleck opting to coat his machine in black.

190,000 dollar Bentley Bentayga

Another black Bentley, it’s not just the car that makes the British brand’s first-ever SUV so pricey.

The world’s most expensive in-car clock is an optional extra, Breitling’s Mulliner Tourbillon clock is a 234,000 dollar optional extra.

150,000 dollar Mercedes-Benz S-63 AMG

Mercedes’ flagship coupe, it doesn’t lose any ground to its more expensive British stablemates with a 603bhp, V8 engine.

But its motor isn’t the most famous feature of Affleck‘s Mercedes though, as the star hit a Starbucks drive-thru sign when stopping for a coffee with his superstar wife Jennifer Lopez.

117,000 dollar Audi S8

Another trouble-maker for Affleck, his Audi S8 earns plenty of stares across Hollywood but also earned a 65 dollar parking ticket in Los Angeles.

That’s small-fry compared to the price tag of the Audi though, with the luxury of a quiet cockpit and muscle of its 563bhp engine costing 117,000 dollars for the base model.

104,000 dollar Range Rover Vogue

A long way from Land Rover’s rugged roots, the Vogue doesn’t sacrifice any luxury with a Meridian sound system and touch-sensitive window controls.

92,000 dollar Tesla Model S Plaid

His first electric car is also boasts the quickest acceleration in his garage. Getting from 0-60 mph in 1.9s, and it won’t stop going until the speedometer’s past 200.

However, to get your hands on a replica model, scraping together nearly one hundred thousand dollars is just the start – there’s a four-month waiting list for purchases.

44,000 dollar Chevrolet SS

A beautiful classic, the SS is well-past it’s 50th birthday. Rolling off the production line in 1966, Affleck‘s rouge Chevelle 396 still looks in mint condition and retails for an average of 44,000 dollars on the second-hand market.

68,000 dollar Dodge Challenger SRT

From an American classic to a modern legend, the Challenger packs muscle, muscle and more muscle with its engine spitting out over 700 horsepower.

That comes at the expense of fuel economy with the SRT managing a paltry 13 miles to the gallon, but it does boast luxuries like a heated steering wheel.

55,000 dollar Chevrolet Suburban

A real tank on the road, the eight-seater Suburban reigns over most other Los Angeles traffic.

Though its V8 engine doesn’t seem to be an improvement on his Challenger environmentally, the Suburban can make itself more economical by shutting down half its cylinders when they’re not necessary.

45,000 dollar Lexus RX

The least flashy of this list on paper, the reliable SUV has been on the market for 25 years so Affleck could argue it’s good value for the nearly fifty-thousand dollar price tag.

34,000 dollar Cadillac Deville Coupe

Arguably the best comes last, with Affleck‘s noir 1969 Cadillac a real beauty, and the whitewall tyres complete the classic look.

Originally costing less than 6,000 dollars when it was released, a model in perfect condition is now nearly six times as expensive.

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