Daryl Katz, the bllionare and owner of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers, was named in a recently filed civil suit, claiming that he paid a teenage ballet dancer $75,000 in exchange for sexual favors.

This isn’t the first time the billionare is subject to sex-for-money accusations, back in 2017 he was accused by professional gambler R.J. Cipriani in a defamation suit against Katz public relations crisis management firm at the time, G.F. Bunting+Co, for allegedly offering Cipriani’s wife, Greice Santo, $20,000 a day for sex during a photoshoot in Hawaii

The case was resolved, but the details where never made public.

Why does this civil lawsuit claims that Daryl Katz paid a teenager for sex?

In 2021 seven aspiring ballerinas launched a sexual abuse lawsuit against dance teacher Mitchel Taylor Button adn his wife Dusty Button, who once was a principal member of The Boston Ballet.

A few days ago, Button and his wife filed a third-party counterclaim in Nevada’s District Court, where they admitted to a consensual throuple relationship with Sage Humphries, who is the lead plaintiff in the suit.

This cross claim exposes that their affair began in 2017, when Humphries was 18 years old, and alleges she had already been in three prior sexual relationships with older man, which you guessed right, included Daryl Katz.

They want to hold those other man liable for any damages, stating in their filing that if there’s a price to be paid, it should be paid by those men who actually engaged in illegal acts with her.

Katz and his lawyers denied the allegations

The claim alleges that Humphries was literally a child prostitue to the billionare, even stating that her mother assisted her with the laundering of the money and trafficking her to Katz.

A piece of evidence they presented to the court shows text messages that allegedly Katz shared with Humphries while she was just 17 and he was 53 years old.

Robert Klieger, Katz attorney, called the allegations baseless and scurrilous.

He went on to tell CBC News that his client and Humphries met twice during 2016 to discuss a project the teenager was pitching to Katz for his film company, Silver Pictures.

He also stated that he couldn’t verify the authencity of the text messages, but confirmed that Katz did arrange for Humphries to receive $75,000 as part of their business deal.

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