The story that went around the world last week was the secret wedding in which Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tied the knot in Las Vegas, however, there may be someone who is even happier than the happy couple and that person could be Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Tom Brady and Ben Affleck’s friendship goes on the back burner

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed her marriage to Ben Affleck

As it turns out, while the long-standing friendship is between Brady and Affleck, the latter being a Boston native and fan of the quarterback since his early days with the New England Patriots, the real reason for TB12’s possible happiness has to do with J-Lo and not her new husband.

Brady tends to win Super Bowls often, while Jennifer Lopez tends to get married often and, believe it or not, every time these celebrities receive rings they seem to be events that are closely linked.

When Jennifer Lopez has wedding ring, Tom Brady has championship ring

Tom Brady: “I’m not a sports machine”

The beginning of this story is even before Brady played in the NFL, it is from 1997, when he was quarterback of the Michigan Wolverines in college football, that year J-Lo got married for the first time in his life with Ojani Noa and Tom won the NCAA national title.

The first Super Bowl that “Tom Terrific” won was in 2001 against the St. Louis Rams, that year was also the second marriage of Lopez, this time with Cris Judd and the same happened in 2004, Brady won the Lombardi Trophy by defeating the Carolina Panthers, while the third wedding of the famous singer was that year with Marc Anthony.

In short, every time Jennifer Lopez gets married, Tom Brady wins a championship, either college or NFL, after the fourth wedding of the also famous actress, the chances increase that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win Super Bowl LVII next February.

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