One of the NBA‘s greatest power forwards and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has expressed his opinion on the Brittney Griner case.

The American argued that the pressure Joe Biden‘s government is receiving for the release of the athlete could harm her, and that Russia should be intimidated instead.

“Anyone who knows about my life knows that I have no shame in speaking out publicly when it comes to something I consider an injustice,” he began in a blog post.

“When we demand our country negotiate Griner’s release right now regardless of the cost, that only strengthens Russia’s negotiating position.

“Imagine being in a room negotiating with someone while outside the people you represent are shouting, ‘Give them whatever they want!’

“Everyone supporting Brittney Griner has their hearts in the right place. Good people, one and all. But heart alone isn’t effective in bringing about her release, and by publicly pressuring the U.S. government, we may be inadvertently delaying her release.”

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