Manchester City coach Pep Guardilola spoke about his mistake of confusing Chivas with America a few days ago.

At the end of the friendly match between the Citizens and the Eagles, in which the English side emerged victorious with a 2-1 scoreline, Pep said that despite his confusion he is a big fan of Mexican football.

“I’m a big fan of Mexican football, I learned a lot, they treated me very well. And although I’m getting older and confusing Chivas with America, I have very good memories of Mexico,” said the coach.

A day before the friendly match, Guardiola gave his opinion on America, who he said are a team that plays with just Mexican players.

“I know it has a history behind it, luckily I was in Mexico and I discovered that America are special, because they play all Mexican players,” Pep said.

Chivas’ response

The Guadalajara team took advantage of the Catalan coach’s slip-up, with a Twitter post in which they shared Guardiola‘s photo with the message: “Chivas is on the minds of 40 million, including Pep.”

His mistake caused a stir on social media, where there was no shortage of mockery, showing that he is not up to date with Mexican football.

Pep’s time in Mexican football

At the end of his career as a footballer, Guardiola played in Mexico with Dorados de Sinaloa, joining in 2005.

The Spaniard Juan Manuel Lillo was in charge of Dorados and it was thanks to him that Guardiola arrived in Mexican football.

Dorados went on to suffer relegation that season.

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