LaMelo Ball continues to enjoy his offseason and is now the topic of discussion on Twitter after he reacted to her model girlfriend Ana Montana’s pictures on the social network.

It’s yet uncertain if the two of them are involved in a romantic relationship, but they’ve been commenting and flirting on each others posts throught the internet, which caught the fans attention.

The 20 year old Charlotte Hornet’sAll Star appeared to be mesmerized by the pictures posted by Montana, in which she can be seen wearing a one-piece by Fashion Nova.

Is LaMelo Ball changing his jersey number for next season?

LaMelo Ball will be changing his jersey number back to number 1, according to Shams Charania from The Athletic.

Ball had worn a No. 1 jersey his whole life prior to his entry to the NBA, that’s the reason behind the switch, even though his jersey was on the Top-15 most selled list on the second half of last season.

“Playing at No. 2, it just doesn’t it doesn’t feel right. I mean last year was cool because my brother, I said I’ll be No. 2 for him because he ain’t play his rookie year or whatever, I think he got hurt or something, so I wore No. 2 for him, but it doesn’t feel right”, he expressed.

LaMelo Ball made young fan very happy

Do you remember the Charlotte kid that asked Michael Jordan for a quick picture but was rejected by the Chicago Bulls legend?

Well on that ocassion they were looking to see LaMelo Ball and while waiting, that’s when the whole Michael Jordan situation unfolded.

This week, a month after that bitter experience they saw LaMelo Ball in Uptown Charlotte, and when they told him they were the kids from the viral video, he was shocked.

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