A little over a year before we saw Jennifer Lopez happily married to Ben Affleck, we learned that the diva was ending her four-year relationship, including two years of engagement, with Alex Rodriguez.

It was in April 2021 when the singer and the ex-baseball player announced their separation. Through a statement they communicated that they were better off as friends.

“We have realised that we are better as friends and hope to remain so,” said the statement released by the couple when they announced their split.

“We will continue to work together and support each other in our shared businesses and projects.

“We wish the best for each other and our children. Out of respect for them, we just want to add our thanks to everyone who has sent us kind and supportive words.”

A few months into their split, JLo broke her silence on the reasons that led them to go their separate ways, and it was on Apple Music’s The Ebro Show, hosted by Ebro Darden, where Lopez opened up.

The singer said it all started when she decided to do some soul-searching, reflection and introspection.

“It was a moment for me and no one else, it was me realising that I was good on my own and that happiness started with me. And once I realised that, things happened,” she admitted to The Ebro Show.

“Things happen in a way that you don’t expect, ever.

“Once you’re well, you get to the point where you say, ‘This is not good for me’ or ‘This is not going well for me’ or ‘I have to make some changes’ and also ‘This is not about anyone else, it’s just about me’. Once you do that, things start to fall into place.”

JLo didn’t trust him

Friends of JLo said after her breakup with the New York Yankees legend that, she “couldn’t fully trust him” and that “she tried to work it out but there were too many issues to resolve,” someone close to the singer told People Magazine, explaining that the artist was devastated.

They also indicated that the two “liked spending more time together as a family, but it was hard for them to maintain that special spark when they saw each other”.

Alex Rodriguez reacts to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding

A source close to Rodriguez said he is happy about the marriage of his ex, Jennifer Lopez, to actor Ben Affleck.

“He is happy for her and happy that she’s with the person she’s supposed to be with,” the source told Us Weekly.

“A-Rod is in a new relationship and he’s happy about that too. He’s travelling all over the place and feels like he’s living the best life he’s ever had.

“He’s really focused on his family, his career and everything that’s going on.”

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