Bruno Fernandes has praised Erik ten Hag’s clear style of management, admitting Manchester United will benefit from his discipline.

Ten Hag joined this summer after United recorded their lowest points total in Premier League history and has already enjoyed positive pre-season performances against Liverpool, Melbourne Victory and Crystal Palace – despite the ongoing absence of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Fernandes confessed he is enjoying working with ‘strict’ Ten Hag, whose methods are already producing results.

“He wants his rules, he demands a lot from us and he wants everyone on the same page doing the same things,” he said.

“Everyone knows they have to be pushing to the same side and if not, they will be out of the team. That’s a good thing because if you want to be successful as a team you have to be always in the same way.

“He brings discipline but he also gives players the freedom to make choices. He has his own rules we have to follow, but he also wants to give some responsibility to the older ones. He’s strict, he’s tough, but at the same time, he’s a nice and easy guy to chat to.

“The main thing is following what he wants because I think he has a straight line that he wants to have with the team and I want to follow that straight line because I think we can be successful that way.

“If everyone understands that we have to follow the rules, follow what the coach demands and what the team demands, everyone will be on the same page, so that’s what will make the team successful.

“I think everyone will be happy at the end of the season if we can do everything he wants us to do.”

When asked whether United are already noticing Ten Hag’s influence in their play, Fernandes added: “I think it’s clear. He explains really well what he wants and he demands that so anyone not doing what he demands they know they will be punished.

“So I think when you talk about discipline, it’s about that. He’s very clear, so there’s no way you can escape from that. Even if you don’t understand English you can understand the way he wants to play, so I think that is really important for us.

“Nobody can get away with anything with him and the senior players have to play their part too, making sure that everyone is on the same page.”

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