Two families got into a violent fight at the Disney World park, located in Orlando, Florida. The altercation started with an argument but soon escalated to blows.

A video of the fight that took place on Wednesday, July 20, between the attractions of Cinderella’s Castle and Peter Pan’s Flight circulated on social networks.

Fox News indicated that the people involved exchanged blows and insults, while the screams of other amusement park attendees who witnessed the fight could be heard. The incident lasted a few minutes before staff and security agents separated them; meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported that it all started when a woman was waiting to enter an attraction, but realized she had left her phone in one of the Disney transports, so she left the line to drop it off.

One of those involved in the scuffle was hospitalized for a facial laceration, while others were only bruised, according to a Daily Mail report. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the above, adding that three people were arrested for misdemeanor assault.

Witnesses used their phones to record the chaotic fight, posted it on their social networks. A bystander’s video captured the children crying, while panicked adults can be heard screaming and calling for help from security.

While fights at Disney parks are not new, according to the Daily Mail, incidents of mass violence have risen sharply since the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Florida resort reporting more than half a dozen this year alone.

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