When Louis van Gaal came away on his first tour, he was quite critical of the travel, the commercial side of things that has to go around these tours. Just in terms how you prepare your players for a new season, how you’ve found that, have you found that you’ve been able to focus on football and that has everything else just been sidelined a little bit?
“I think it’s part of nowadays’ football, you have to accept it as a manager, as a team and you have to get the best out of it and that is what we did. I think it’s great for the team spirit that you are together for so long, so you can really develop that. You have a lot of time to work on your team because you are so close together. It is great I would say to have that experience. Also, to come in nice cities like Bangkok, Melbourne, Perth, it’s not every day you’re coming in. There’s also disadvantages, it’s clear, but as a professional you have to deal with certain things that are decided where you don’t have influence. But where you have influence is on your game and that’s our focus point.”

This game’s been sold out pretty much since it’s been announced, what sort of show can Perth fans look forward to tomorrow night?
“Show, eh? We have an intention to play brilliant football, only one thing, we have an opponent every time and they don’t cooperate! First, it’s about, in our philosophy, we want to play attacking football, proactive football and I know the opponent tomorrow is a really tough opponent so it’s a great test. In that sense, Perth is really lucky.”

Are you any clearer to when Cristiano Ronaldo will be in pre-season with Manchester United, do you have an update on that?
“No, it’s the same as last week.”

Are you not concerned with the longer he stays away, the less time he has to be fit for the start of the season?
“Of course. Maybe concerning is not the right word, I focus on the players who are there, and they are doing really well, they are in good shape. I have further focus on developing that and I cannot wait to see him coming in and then we will integrate him.”

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