MLS team Inter Miami may be interested in signing Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique, and not simply because it would benefit his professional career or financial situation.

Pique, who has recently received more attention for his breakup with Shakira than for his footballing displays, may move to South Florida to play for David Beckham‘s side in order to be near his kids.

What are Pique’s reasons for wanting to live in Miami?

The defender could be keen to sign for the MLS team to be close to his kids because Shakira’s plan is to bring them to live with her in Miami.

Currently only a rumour in the Spanish media, this prospective transfer sounds like something that could very soon become a reality for the player who won two UEFA European Championships and the 2010 World Cup with Spain in South Africa.

Reuniting with Lionel Messi, an Argentinean who has been linked with a move to Miami for some time, is another compelling factor for Pique’s relocation.

Javier Ceriani, the host of the Spanish show ‘Chisme No Like,’ has mentioned potential meetings between Pique and the MLS outfit.

“At the moment, Pique is in talks to join Inter Miami with Messi because Barcelona have a lot of debt,” Ceriani pointed out.

“Barcelona have to get Pique off their books because they are millions (of euros) in debt, they are going to go bankrupt.

“So, Pique is already in talks to go to this team in Miami and end up all together with his children.”

Shakira’s decision

Following Pique and Shakira’s separation, the Colombian singer made the decision to move to the idyllic tourist destination and raise their kids Milan and Sasha there while looking for a settlement with Pique in which she would be granted custody and support of the two kids.

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