Ever since Paddy Pimblett started his brilliant journey in the UFC, the ‘Baddy‘ has been heavily criticized for stuffing his face with all kinds of food. He is often seen with a rounded face and very different from the fight nights he’s done. Criticism has always kept his motivation going but he also loves the occasional response to all those nay-sayers.

In Friday’s weigh-ins, both Pimblett and opponent Jordan Leavitt made weight. After getting to the 156-pound demanded weight, Pimblett had a message to all te people who keep saying he won’t make it or he will step down from a fight due to weight problems. Pimblett is petty like that, it’s part of his personality.

Paddy Pimblett moons the entire audience.

Right after making the 156 pounds, Paddy Pimblett shows his bum to everybody as a response to critics who keep talking trash about his weight or making all those endless memes. Paddy had a message for all of them as he showed them his butt cheek: “Everyone who tried to fat shame me or said I would miss weight or f***ing pull out — kiss me ass,” said Paddy.

Many of the journalists attending the event laughed but one of them laughed the hardest, Dave Portnoy. The Barstool Sports founder accompanied both Pimblett and Molly McCann during the entire weigh-ins. He managed to convince both of them to have Barstool Sports as their main sponsor and they’ve done some amazing work so far.

Pimblett also wants to tea-bag Leavitt.

Opponent Jordan Leavitt has repeatedly taunted Paddy Pimblett with his signature twerking celebration. Every time he wins a fight, the man twerks, something you don’t often see in MMA. But Pimblett has a better idea, he wants to tea-bad Leavitt if he wins at UFC London next Saturday. A journalist asked him to explain what tea-bagging is, Paddy was specific by saying he means to squad a few times on top of Leavitt’s face when he wins.

This fight should be one of the most interesting ones for these possible celebrations alone. We are all ready for another UFC London event that will headline a Heavyweight fight between Curtis Blaydes and Tom Aspinall. But there’s no question that Paddy Pimblett is also one of the main attractions.

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