The Internet world is going wild with the most recent set of pictures leaked online of Ben Affleck completely passed out in a boat during his trip to Paris. He is visiting the famous city with new wife Jennifer Lopez and their respective children. Usually, celebrities as big as them tend to save their most intimate moments for themselves but Ben Affleck dropped the ball this time.

Perhaps he didn’t think he could be photographed by any paparazzi in the are. He was so wrong as some funny images of the actor completely passed out with his mouth wide open leaked online. Immediately, the Internet world started having a field trip of these images that became instant meme material.

Is Jennifer Lopez draining Ben Affleck’s energy?

Perhaps the most obvious joke of them all is the classic ‘too much honey mooning’ punchline. Ben Affleck recently married J-Lo and they barely leave the bedroom, hence the actor appearing so tired in front of hidden cameras. In reality, Ben Affleck was most likely simply taking a quick nap but he gave paparazzi enough time to snap quite a bit of pictures.

The boat was parked at the Seine River in Paris, which gave it enough rocking motion to get Ben fast asleep. At a certain point, his mouth was so waide open that even paparazzi got enough time to get the perfect shot of him completely out of it.

There is no report of what Jennifer Lopez was doing when those pictures were taken, Ben Affleck took the time to rest from all the honey mooning and ceased the moment. It should be interesting to see how Ben Affleck reacts to getting snapped in such an intimate moment.

There are a lot of people who absolutely hate getting photographed when they are fast asleep. All he should think about is that he just made another triumphant addition to his already impressive meme gallery that has helped millions over the years. There is no better way to communicate a certain state of mind than with a meme. Thanks for all the laughs, dear Ben…

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