Jake Paul has had a major impact on boxing, the youtuber has made young people look at the sport of boxing, something that is very important to George Foreman Jr.

Although Paul has received strong criticism from pugilists for not dedicating himself one hundred percent to boxing, it is a reality that the influencer has done good things for the sport.

George Foreman Jr. doesn’t take a dim view of Paul’s involvement in boxing, on the contrary, he supports him and sends him good messages.

“Prizefighting at its best.” he wrote. “Say what you want, but Jake Paul is making an impact on the sport that is making the pie bigger for everyone. We should all be thanking him. And to be honest I think his skills are underrated and he is turning into a legitimate force to be reckoned with.

“Great footwork (look closely). And let’s not forget what we all know: “Knockouts sell”. Respect to you champ and thanks for honoring the craft by always stepping into the ring as the best version of yourself to date. Keep doing what you’re doing. Rooting for you.”

Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman

Paul will make his sixth professional fight against Hasim Rahman Jr. the son of the former thought champion of the same name. The contest will take place on August 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Originally Paul was going to face Tommy Fury, but apparently the British fighter had problems with his passport and cannot travel to the United States.

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