Gervonta Davis broke his silence regarding the possible fight against Ryan Garcia and the Baltimore fighter does not rule out the fight taking place, but maintains a conservative profile with respect to his opponent.

Ryan Garcia has been calling for a fight against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis for months. His stance has been reaffirmed after beating Javier Fortuna recently.

“I haven’t been going back and forth with Ryan because we all know he’s not a man of his word, but I know there’s a chance the fight could happen,” Davis himself commented via social media.

However, as we said before, he prefers to be cautious about the possibility in case the deal doesn’t go through.

“I prefer to stay quiet until the deal is done. Nothing means anything right now,” he said.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia, a very real possibility

Floyd Mayweather, Gervonta Davis’ promoter, has already revealed that the fight could happen and that it would take place at the end of the year, something that the fighter is not entirely happy about.

“I really hate fighting in December because it’s my birthday month,” said Gervonta Davis, who seems to be ready for the possible duel between the two.

Also Mayweather revealed that the fight had to be at 135 pounds.

However, Garcia already fights at 140 pounds, which was a problem.

But Garcia picked up the gauntlet and made it clear that he will fight Davis “at any weight” and anywhere.

With Davis’ silence broken, the fight is more possible than ever.

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