After Floyd Mayweather told Ryan Garcia that if he wants to fight Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis it will be at 135 pounds, the 23-year-old boxer responded to ‘Money’.

Moments after knocking out Javier Fortuna, he reacted with on social media.

“It’s any weight anytime anywhere, there’s your answer Floyd, oh yeah you can get it if you want it,” was the message King Ry wrote.

He challenged Gervonta Davis

Since Garcia beat the Dominican fighter last week, he has been even more insistent on a fight with Davis, whom he challenged to step into the ring against him at 140 pounds.

“I felt much better fighting at 140 pounds. I’m not going back down to 135 for nothing, but I want to fight Tank, if Tank wants it, it will be at 140. This fight will give me the respect I deserve,” the Mexican-American said at the time.

Mayweather sets the terms

Mayweather, Gervonta’s promoter responded to King Ry’s requests and warned that a possible fight between the two boxers will have to be held in the lightweight division.

“The biggest man in boxing right now is linked to me, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. The only thing this kid, Ryan Garcia, knows is ‘Tank’,” he said in an interview with Fight Hype.

“The only name he knows is ‘Tank’. I want to fight Tank. It doesn’t matter, it’s the most important fight.”

“You want to fight ‘Tank’? In boxing you have to make sacrifices.

“Tank fights at 135 pounds. If you want to fight ‘Tank’ at 135, we can make it happen before the end of the year.”

What does Gervonta Davis say?

The Baltimore fighter has been cagey about it, saying Garcia is not a man of his word, although he wouldn’t rule out fighting him.

“I haven’t been going back and forth with Ryan because we all know he’s not a man of his word, but I know there’s a chance the fight could happen,” Davis said on social media.

And he prefers to be cautious about the possibility in case the deal doesn’t go through.

“I prefer to stay quiet until the deal is done. Nothing means anything now,” he commented.

In the event that both boxers reach an agreement, the fight between Garcia and Davis could take place in December.

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