Britney Spears is living a new life after ending her recent remarriage with Sam Asghari.

Their two sons Sean (16) and Jayden (15) were not present at the media event where this was announced and this caused a stir in the entertainment world. Many questioned the singer’s relationship with her two children.

Despite this, their bond is closer than ever, according to a source in Hollywood Life, and the three are very close at this stage of their lives.

Spears’ recent move to a neighbourhood near where her children live in California has made things much easier, according to the source.

A growing relationship between Britney Spears and her children

Now that she lives in the same neighbourhood as her children in Calabasas, they visit her house quite often, they go to their mum’s pool and they like that she is accessible.

They also describe that the house has its own bedrooms for them, so their time and space is respected. Britney Spears wants them to feel at home.

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