David de Gea has made his plans for the rest of his career clear, stating in no uncertain terms that he wishes to remain a Manchester United player well beyond the completion of his current contract.

The Spanish international with 45 senior caps has racked up an incredible 487 total club appearances for United in the past 11 seasons, and he will move into the club’s top-10 in games played if he makes 24 starts in the upcoming season.

If he sticks around for a couple more years he can make a big impression on that all-time list, sitting only 72 games behind Wayne Rooney in sixth place.

Speaking to the media during his side’s pre-season exhibition tour in Australia, De Gea called United “one of the best things in my life”.

“I would be really happy to be here for as long as [the club] wants,” he said. “I didn’t talk with anyone yet, but I want to be here for more years.

“I feel very good here. It’s a privilege and an honour to be here in this club. It’s one of the best things in my life, to be a part of this club.”

He went on to discuss the struggles of last season, and his excitement to get back out there with new manager Erik ten Hag in charge.

“It was a very tough season, embarrassing sometimes,” he said. “Some games were a mess, a disaster.

“So we should learn from last season that it cannot happen again. Losing 4-0 or 5-0, it was unacceptable. We needed a better culture of football, of just thinking about football, nothing else. 

“With a new manager, we are in a good way. He is very focused on football and what we need, and the players feel the same.”

The 31-year-old has one year remaining on his £375,000 per week deal, with an option of a one-year extension that seemingly will be utilised if it is his choice.

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