Ethan Hawke has made a surprising statement against two actors: Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe.

Hawke is currently promoting the series The Last Movie Stars for HBO Max and has taken the opportunity to talk about his career.

He remembered filmmaker Peter Weir, with whom he appeared in the film The Dead Poets Club.

However, Weir has not returned to directing since 2010, something that Hawke says has to do with Depp and Crowe’s attitude.

“I think he lost interest in making films. He really enjoyed that job when he didn’t have actors giving him a hard time like Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp,” he told IndieWire.

One of the examples is that Peter Weir had planned to direct Shantaram with Depp in the lead role, but after some time developing the project, Weir decided to drop out due to creative differences.

In addition, Hawke compares both actors to others such as Harrison Ford or Gerard Depardieu.

According to him, they are profiles that are a better fit for directors as they are easier to work with.

“They are very director-friendly people because they don’t see themselves as important”, he concluded.

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