The Los Angeles Clippers have been trying to reach the top of the NBA for several seasons now, but they have failed time and again in the playoffs.

The pressure also comes from the financial side as, according to Forbes, the Clippers have the richest owner in the league.

Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, has a fortune valued at $91.4 billion.

A financially armoured roster

In terms of projections, the Clippers are projected to be the team that will spend the most next season.

This is primarily because they have nine players with annual salaries of more than $10 million. A star-studded roster.

The Clippers will have to pay over the league’s luxury tax for going over the salary cap.

As a result, the team will have to spend $336.5 million, $100 million more than they spent last season.

Last season, the Warriors took the top spot as the team that spent the most.

The Clippers’ roster features Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Both will receive $40 million in salary.

Europeans Ivica Zubac ($32.8 million9 and Nicolas Batum ($22.5 million) add to the big salaries.

In addition, the Clippers added a star during the off-season in the form of John Wall, who comes from the Rockets and will have a salary of 13 million dollars.

The teams that will spend the most in the 2022-23 season

  1. Los Angeles Clippers – $336.5 million.
  2. Golden State Warriors – $325.8 million.
  3. Brooklyn Nets – $271.9 million
  4. Milwaukee Bucks – $231.5 million
  5. Boston Celtics – USD 214.6 million

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