Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool has recently posted what would actually be the ratings of classic Disney movies, like The Lion King, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarves, Old Yeller, and Bambi as if they were given the actual rating depending on what actually happens.

They are all rated “R”

Ryan Reynold’s ratings are mostly on point giving all the movies an ‘R’ rating and describing the reasons in a very comedic way.

This comes right before “Deadpool” along with its sequel “Deadpool 2” and “Logan” become the first R-rated movies on the Disney plus catalog.

“We’re supposed to announce Logan and Deadpool will soon be the first R-rated movies on Disney+. But we all know some Disney movies should already be rated R for irreversible trauma,” Reynolds mentioned on Twitter.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Reynolds wrote that “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” should be rated R because of “Breaking and entering, borderline polyandry, [and] pretty sure those diamonds aren’t cruelty-free.”

Old Yeller

He tweeted that “Old Yeller” is awarded the R rating because of the “straight-up murder of Old Yeller. Also, bear abuse.”

Johnny Depp’s TikTokAP

What about The Lion King?

Reynolds mentioned that the classic movie had “Fratricide, mauling, very possibly half-sibling lovin’, or at least kissing cousins. Seriously.”

Even Bambi

While also speaking about the forest classic “Bambi,” “Cold-blooded killing of an innocent deer mom, that will cause lifelong trauma,” he tweeted.

Disney+ is yet to respond to the tease just yet, however, they have already issued that many subscribers should verify their parental controls if they have small children in the house just “to ensure a viewing experience most suitable for them and their family.”

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