Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal recently visited a nightclub in Malinska, Croatia, and took part in a DJ set.

While he was there, current NBA star Luka Doncic, who was also in Croatia at the time, looked after all of the Hall of Famer’s needs and made sure he could enjoy his stay fully.

“When I arrived at Luka‘s town, some people picked me up,” O’Neal revealed in an episode of The Big Podcast.

“They drove me to a mansion that Luka had set up for me. I had the pizza there. I had the hookah, I had the fruit.

“They escorted me to the show and then Luka said, ‘Shaq, nothing’s gonna happen to you in my town, Mr. O’Nealovich‘.

“That’s what they call me over there. Shoutout to Luka and Goran Dragic for setting it up for me.

“I got there and Luka said ‘We know you’re staying in a hotel but we want you to stay someplace else’.

“It was right there on the water, a four-bedroom villa.”

Luka Doncic may be from Slovenia, just like Goran Dragic, but the pair know Croatia well and made sure Shaquille O’Neal had everything he needed, something the NBA legend is clearly very grateful for.

O’Neal performed at a few different shows in Europe, doin so under the name of DJ Diesel.

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