Famous fashion designer Victoria Beckham showed off her good sense of humour by joking about her husband’s dance and sharing it on social media with a suggestive caption.

In the 20-second clip we can see David Beckham dancing in a peculiar way, imitating a worm and doing some break dance steps, to the laughter of Posh Spice who records the funny moment.

“After 25 years, @davidbeckham showed me his worm,” Victoria wrote mischievously on Instagram.

Laughter and Romeo’s reaction

Reactions and comments were quick to pour in after the jocular description from the fashion designer, who rarely lets her sense of humour show in public.

One of those who commented on her unique publication was her son Romeo, who reacted by saying, “hahahahahahaha, mum you have to change that title”.

Another Instagram user’s comment read: “I imagine you’ve seen it at least 4 times before…”, in reference to the four children Posh Spice has with the ex-footballer.

While another follower added: “I’m laughing so hard.”

The night full of laughter between Victoria and David came after the famous couple celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary earlier this month.

David and Victoria married in 1999 and on July 5 they had a candle-lit dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower after travelling to Paris to celebrate with a special bottle of wine for the occasion.

Victoria’s great sense of humour

Posh Spice is not usually known for wearing a big smile in public, on the contrary, she might even appear to be a serious person with a great demeanour that she knows how to show off in the spotlight.

According to Hello! magazine, Victoria has wryly explained that the reason she maintains a haughty look in front of the cameras is because she feels she has to live up to the expectations of what is expected of a fashion icon.

But she has also said that her sense of humour is one of her greatest virtues.

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