FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique got booed at El Clasico in Las Vegas and received chants of ‘Shakira, Shakira’ every time he touched the ball against Real Madrid.

Barcelona defeated Madrid 1-0 in a match that saw Shakira fans make themselves present.

Gerard Pique gets booed at El Clasico in Las Vegas

Pique subbed on in the second half and as soon as he made first contact with the ball, booes rained down from the crowd.

Some fans chanted Shakira’s name and the Spanish soccer player just ignored them.

Rafinha scored the only goal of the game but Pique getting booed for his drama with Shakira was the highlight of the night.

Why did Pique get booed in Vegas?

Pique has had a drama-filled summer after reportedly getting caught cheating, which led to his separation from Shakira.

Shakira, a Colombian singer, has a huge following all around the United States and Las Vegas evidently is no exception.

The pair share two children together and have been together since meeting at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

They reportedly went on vacation recently as a family for the sake of their children.

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