In this Saturday’s Clasico in Las Vegas between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, It took Raphinha only 27 minutes of the 22-23 Clasico season for fans to scream goal! At the top of their lungs, and it wasn’t just any goal it was a beautiful one on the right corner of the net, a goal that, true, it was a defensive error but the Raphinha’s incredible execution took everyone by surprise including the incredible Thibaut Courtois by surprise.

Raphinha is one of Bara’s star signings for this season

In an attempt by Militao to play the ball out from the defense, he tried to make an opening to the right flank from the right wing, terribly slipping in the attempt and causing it to be not quite optimal, sometimes luck in not on the player’s side since the ball did not find a teammate, instead it found the striker who was in the right spot at the right time

Raphinha’s beautiful goal against Real Madrid

An unstoppable force

Raphinha found a dead ball at the edge of the area and all he had to do was control it, aim and shoot to the upper right corner of the net making Courtois use all his goalkeeping strength to reach, unfortunately for the merengues, to no avail, he couldn’t even touch the rocket that was thrown at his direction.

Xavi Hernandez vs Carlo Ancelotti

This has been the first showdown among the Spanish teams, however, we can already notice the intensity of players from both sides trying to prove their worth not only to their fans but to their teammates and directors. Both Xavi Hernandez and Carlo Ancelotti are leaving everything on the field with their players to make sure they come out triumphant,

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