Paterson, New Jersey, proposed monthly payments of $400 under a new plan to help its citizens.

After receiving $46 million from the American Rescue Plan, New Jersey will allocate money to monthly direct payments.

According to North Jersey, the local government will use $1.4 million towards monthly payments as an extension of the Guaranteed Income Program.

The Guaranteed Income Program gives $400 per month for a year to 110 low-income families.

The money is deposited on debit cards.

Who’s eligible?

There’s not a lot of information describing the proposal. Nevertheless, it would take another round of applications to decide the monthly payments.

Last year’s applicants needed to follow the next qualifications:

-Must be 18 years or older

-Single filers must have an income of $30,000 or less

-Joint filers must have an income of $88,000 or less

However, there’s no information related to the same eligibility.

New Jersey will hold a lottery draw to select the hundreds of families that will receive the annual payment.

Last year’s lottery application to the Guaranteed Income Program:

Paterson, New Jersey, accepted applications from April 12 to April 30.

All applications were online.

However, on August 16, lawmakers will vote on the budget.

Other guaranteed income programs:

New York residents living in Mount Vernon can apply for a guaranteed program.

Mount Vernon will select randomly 200 residents for a $500 monthly for an entire year.

Information released by the local government describes that eligible residents have until August 5 to apply for the program.

In Ithaca, New York, the selected residents will get their first $450 monthly payment in June.

The more than 100 selected residents have an 80% median below the area’s poverty level.

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