Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her birthday this Sunday, July 24, and the iconic singer has been doing so by living it up in Europe.

?More specifically, J Lo has been holidaying in Paris, France, with new husband Ben Affleck.

The newlyweds landed in the French capital on Friday to enjoy their honeymoon, just days after tying the knot after their romantic relationship began – though they have since separated and reunited – at the beginning of the century.

J Lo turns 53 this Sunday, and her celebrations promise to be just as good as she’d have hoped for them to be in one of the world’s most-romantic cities.

Both Lopez and Affleck were snapped leaving their hotel early on Sunday, smiling and looking as happy as can be.

The couple were accompanied by some of the singer’s children.

It remains to be seen how J Lo will spend the evening of her 53d birthday.

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