While Kevin Durant is making headlines this month due to uncertainty surrounding his future, the Brooklyn Nets star has also been widely ridiculed on social media for failing to understand how to use TikTok.

Durant is known for being active on several social media platforms, and has added TikTok to the list of those he uses… or has at least attempted to.

In his first try, KD didn’t prove able to understand how the app worked.

His first post shows him looking around his screen, presumably seeking some kind of prompt of what to do, before growing impatient and saying: “yo, how do I work this sh**?”

TikTok has a reputation of being the social media of the younger generations, and many users have labelled Durant a “boomer” as a result of his funny first post.

Durant’s future unknown

While contracted to the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant is currently seeking a new adventure in the NBA.

Miami Heat are extremely interested in signing him, difficult as it will be, and he is thought to be keen on a move to Miami.

As things stand, he’s more likely than not to start the 2022/23 season with Brooklyn.

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