Musician and entertainer Kid Rock was forced to cancel his North Dakota concert this past Friday and his fans decided to use aggressive force against the venue where he was supposed to perform.

They had to cancel due to weather conditions

The Michigan native was supposed to perform at a North Dakota state fair when he got the news that he could not perform due to bad weather. He was supposed to go on stage somewhere around nine-thirty at night and fans who waited for their beloved rap-rocker for over two hours began to get impatient.

Sources told TMZ that a storm was breaking just outside of town and there were reports of lightning but no rain yet, which is common that civil protection authorities were acting precautiously for fans and artists alike to be safe and sound.

Over 18,000 attendees went extra wild

However, this did not sit well with the over 18,000 audience members who had already started partying, by 11:00 pm they were already drunk and angry because the storm had already passed and there was no artist in sight.

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The Sheriff’s Department was in charge of letting the big crowd know

A Ward County officer from the Sheriff’s Department had the difficult task to let the drunk-and-angry crowd know about the cancelation, right after he did, the crowd went extra wild and threw everything they could onto the stage and each other including beer cans.

Some people even rushed onto the stage and some were tackled by security guards and then there were others who were escorted by the police.

Kid Rock apologized for the cancellation via social media trying to explain the situation and the State Fair also apologized with promises of returning the money from their ticket purchase.

“SO PISSED OFF we could not play for a sold out crowd tonight in Minot, ND (because of high winds) – I know it sucks but none of us can control mother nature. Please be safe leaving and take care of each other. -Kid Rock”

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