Lewis Hamilton has also found himself being accused of the same hypocrisy that most do, apparently not living the environmentally-friendly lifestyle that he claims to.

The accusations and questions have come because of the photos he has posted on Instagram, wherein it almost seemed as though he was trying to hide the car that he had been enjoying driving.

A defender of nature and the environment, every so often he shows on his social networks the consequences of the destruction that we humans cause to the planet and tries to convince his followers to live a greener life.

Instagram /Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton usually drives an electric Mercedes

Hamilton is usually in an electric Mercedes, always driven by his physio, New Zealander Angela Cullen.

He even sold his private plane a few years ago for environmental reasons. Oddly, he still often travels by private plane, albeit a rented one.

In any case, it is striking that he himself has posted some images on Instagram in which he can be seen at the wheel of an AC Cobra, which is not exactly an ecological car.

Firstly, the car far exceeds the emissions standard of any combustion car today. And not just because it’s old, but because it’s a V8 as well.

Hamilton’s infidelity

On top of that, Formula 1 drivers are often seen with cars from the brands they race for, or at least with models from the manufacturers that supply engines to their cars.

It almost has to be done as a gesture of goodwill. This is what Fernando Alonso does from time to time with the Alpine A110, and Carlos Sainz for Ferrari. And, to be fair, so does Hamilton with Mercedes.

Instagram/Lewis Hamilton.

High speeds

The AC Cobra is a roadster sports car that was produced between 1962 and 1966 and was equipped with Ford engines that delivered a blistering performances.

The car is capable of hitting 298 km/h and of doing 0-60 in 4.3 seconds thanks to power outputs of up to 485 hp and extreme lightness.

However, so many replicas of the AC Cobra have been made that there is no proof that it is an authentic model. It’s hard to imagine Hamilton settling for a replica, though.

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