In our sit-down chat with Millie, she details what the condition is, explaining that one of her main arteries from her heart to her brain had torn.

“For me, it started with a – I could hear a heartbeat in my ear,” she said. “And I thought ‘what’s that?’ Like it’s just getting on my nerves. So, I mentioned it to the doctor. He said ‘right let’s keep an eye on it. We’ll make sure that we keep checking it and if it gets any worse let me know.’”

At the time, the Reds were preparing for a trip to West Ham in the WSL, but after the game was called off, the squad had an in-house friendly, during which Millie recalls her symptoms began to become more apparent.

She said: “My speech was slurring a little bit, the heartbeat in my ear was getting a lot worse and then yeah, I just couldn’t really focus, and I thought ‘something’s not right here’ and I told the doctor straight away.

“He booked me in for a load of other tests and yeah literally the next day after that, I found out that I had this injury.”

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