After Paddy Pimblett’s most recent significant victory in the Octagon, Jake Paul ordered the UFC to give the Scouse star the “millions” he is due.

At UFC Fight Night in London on Saturday, “Paddy the Baddy” added to his growing reputation by stopping Jordan Leavitt in the second round of their lightweight match.

After the victory, he paid tribute to a close friend who committed suicide on Friday and to a young fan who died of cancer last month.

In the lead-up to the fight, Pimblett, 27, displayed his charismatic side by showing reporters his behind in response to those who had criticized his eating habits.

Leavitt was also provoked by him at the weigh-in when he pretended to shake his hand before stepping aside and rousing the crowd.

Authorities even suspended his Twitter account on Friday, not the first time he had run afoul of social media executives. The ban’s justification has not yet been disclosed.

Pimblett received a new four-year contract from the UFC earlier this year as a result of controversy surrounding the money he received for his previous two fights. According to reports, he received only $22,000 for defeating Rodrigo Vargas.

And Paul, who has frequently criticized Dana White for what he claims is the underpaying of UFC stars, tweeted in response to the Liverpool FC fan’s most recent victory, “Pay Paddy his millions now.”

Jake Paul’s beef with UFC

The 5-0 professional boxer known as “The Problem Child” is currently getting ready for his big fight against Hasim Rahman Jr. on August 6 at Madison Square Garden.

His most recent tweet follows one in which he declared the UFC to be “dead for a year” and suggested a boxing match between himself and Nate Diaz, a former UFC fighter.

“I get why fighters are trying to leave, boxing is s****ing on MMA this year,” he told ESPN. You haven’t heard of any UFC fights and they’ve all be boring so I get why Nate is trying to get out, he’s trying to come and face the money man which is me. It makes sense and I guess Dana White agrees.”

Paul went so far as to offer to fight Diaz for nothing, but only if UFC president Dana White raised the minimum wage for his fighters to $50,000 per match.

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